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Straight from Gateway Safety’s award-winning product line, GirlzGear safety products are tailored for women — with the look, size and feel that women want. Includes these trusted favorites:

  • StarLite® SM and Scorpion® SM — popular styles sized 10% smaller to fit the female profile better.
  • StarLite® Gumballs® – industry leading design, with ten different temple colors in each box.
  • Metro™  — stylish eye protection for all day, every day wear. Now available in Pink Camo!
  • Parallax™  – Superior comfort with patented temples. A Temple Technology® product!
  • Serpent® Safety Helmets — lightweight and comfortable, with a rotating ratchet adjustment system for a custom fit. Available in pink…and nine other colors.


Part # Product Temples/Frame Lens
36PK80 StarLite SM Pink Clear
36PK11 StarLite SM Pink Pink Mirror
23PC80 Metro NEW! Pink Camo Clear
23PC83 Metro NEW! Pink Camo Gray
23PC11 Metro NEW! Pink Camo Pink Mirror
23PK80 Metro Pink Clear
23PK11 Metro Pink Pink Mirror
23TS80 Metro Tortoise Shell Clear
23TS86 Metro Tortoise Shell Mocha
16SM80 Scorpion SM Black Clear
16SM83 Scorpion SM Black Gray
16SM79 Scorpion SM Black Clear Anti-Fog
16SM0M Scorpion SM Black Clear In/Out Mirror
16SM8M Scorpion SM Black Silver Mirror
37PK80 Parallax Pink Flex Clear
37GY11 Parallax Gray Flex Pink Mirror