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IR Safety Glasses

Low-level IR filters for light welding applications are available in some of the most popular eyewear styles.

  • StarLite® IR — industry-leading eyewear style in IR Filter Shades 3.0 and 5.0.
  • Conqueror® IR — sleek, contemporary eyewear in IR Filter Shade 5.0.
  • Strobe IR — economical, traditional style eyewear in IR Filter Shades 3.0 and 5.0.
  • Cover2® IR — over-the-glasses solution in IR Filter Shade 5.0.
  • IR Visors are also available in face protection. Check out our Venom and Universal-Fit models.
Part # Product/Temple/Lens Std. Pkg.
4664 StarLite IR/Black/Shade 3.0 10/box
4666 StarLite IR/Black/Shade 5.0 10/box
28GB66 Conqueror IR/Black/Shade 5.0 10/box
49GB64 Strobe IR/Black/Shade 3.0 10/box
49GB66 Strobe IR/Black/Shade 5.0 10/box
6966 Cover2 IR/Black/Shade 5.0 10/box