RibbonCandy™ Safety Glasses Offer Colorful Options, Comfortable Fit

December 2019 — Introducing RibbonCandy™, a fun, colorful twist on classic safety eyewear! With ten uniquely ‘flavored’ pairs per box, every employee can personally choose his/her most visually appealing color. Plus, its revolutionary, patented temple design provides all day comfort for those wearing safety glasses.

“What is different about this product is that one box offers ten different colors of temples with clear lenses to meet a variety of personal tastes,” said Gateway Safety’s Vice President of Sales, Matthew Love. “Plus these safety glasses are aligned with our product development effort that’s focused on user comfort. RibbonCandy’s ultra-comfortable, truly unique temples are unlike anything in the market.”

Part of Gateway Safety’s Temple Technology® line of safety eyewear, RibbonCandy is designed for true long term comfort. Its patented, “ribbon” shaped temples create more flexibility on the head, helping to prevent the pinching and discomfort that can be caused by traditional temple designs. Plus, these safety glasses are extremely lightweight, each pair weighing less than an ounce.

While this product is lightweight, comfortable and colorful, safety is always Gateway Safety’s primary focus. RibbonCandy safety glasses are independently, third-party tested and certified by UL to meet ANSI Z87+. They also meet the US Military ballistic impact standard for eyewear and block 99.9% of UV-A, B, and C rays.

Sample requests can be made via www.GatewaySafety.com. Additional product information is found at https://gatewaysafety.com/products/eye/ribboncandy/.