Conqueror Conquers Projectile, Saves an Eye

Dirk, a long-time Gateway Safety end user, recently shared his experience on a jobsite.

“I just need to thank you for my eyesight!  There was a mechanical failure on the jobsite today and an extremely heavy, and potentially deadly (or at minimum life-altering) sharp piece of metal struck my Gateway Safety glasses at a high rate of speed.”

Fortunately, Dirk takes quality seriously, and was wearing his Gateway Safety Conqueror® safety glasses, known for their comfort and popular style. At the same time, Conqueror provides serious protection and has been independently tested and certified to pass the ANSI Z98.1+ high impact standard. Conqueror also meets the ballistic impact resistance requirements for eyewear in US Military Performance Specification MIL PRF-32432.

The Conqueror lens held true without breaking or shattering, while safely deflecting the projectile.

Mulberry, FL