Motor Cyclist Saved by Safety Glasses

“I recently purchased a pair of your safety glasses (Varsity #278M) at Harley Davidson of Fort Myers, Florida. While riding my bike home. I was traveling on State Route 82 doing 70 mph. A bird flying in the opposite direction hit me directly on the right eye of the safety glasses. The impact was so hard the bird exploded and it briefly caused me to black out. I woke, regained control of the bike and safely stopped.

The safety glasses stayed in place and protected me from very serious injury.

They did not crack, split or in any way show damage from this impact except that because of all the blood, guts, and feathers imbedded into the right side of the glasses they are no longer useable. I truly do appreciate being alive to tell my story. I believe I am alive because of the protection I received by wearing these safety glasses. I must confess that my initial reason for purchasing these glasses was because of the reasonable price. Of course, I expected quality as well.

And for the price, they are totally distortion free, gave excellent UV protection, and are very cleanable and easy to maintain. If cared for, I get a very reasonable amount of use/wear from them. I did not purchase them for crash protection (I wear a helmet for that). I was very pleased that these glasses far surpassed my expectations. These not only saved my eyesight but possibly my life.

Thank you,
Joseph G Holland
Lehigh Acres, FL