Safety and Fun for Boy with Blindness

Sandy S. Recently found out her four-year-old son, Carter is legally blind in one eye. Carter’s doctor told her he would need to wear safety glasses to protect his “good” eye, and Sandy turned to StarLite SM Gumballs for a solution that would be safe…and fun.

“He really loves that he can pick out his favorite color every day, and all his friends at school think they are “really cool”” Says Sandy. Carter wears his StarLite SM Gumballs, which are 10% smaller than the original, all day, everyday without any complaint, sometimes even forgetting he has them on at bedtime, she says.

“I have had a lot of other moms asking where to find these glasses for their kids when they are working on different projects. I am so thankful that I found glasses he’ll wear that are affordable, comfortable and have the protection we need to keep my boy’s eye safe.”

Sandy S.
Bellingham, WA