StarLite® Hits a Home Run


Marie had been wearing gray StarLites for years as sunglasses when she suddenly found out just how important their impact protection was too.

“Two weeks ago, we were at a softball practice and I got hit with the ball, right in the middle of the right lens. The smudge from the ball wiped right off the lens, there were no cracks or scratches, and the glasses protected my brow and cheekbone from needing stitches. I had a lovely black eye for a couple of weeks but these glasses definitely saved my face, and I wanted to commend the company on how well-made they are. The ball knocked them off of me but the guys were very impressed that they did not break. If it had been normal sunglasses I’d have been in the ER having shards plucked out of my eye for sure, and stitches. Thanks!”

Marie D.
Columbia, SC